Morgatronic has staff with knowledge from a broad spectrum of the electronic industry. We can take anything from a verbal instruction, rough sketch or fully specified documented requirement and turn them into the product that you are looking for. No matter how small or large your requirement we will work either with you or for you, at our office or your premises.

We have experience in the commercial sector, industrial sector and we have staff who have held a security vetting. We produce designs and route PCBs for service in the high reliability oil field for downhole drilling, various RF applications and systems for programming crypto graphic media. We have experience of PCB routing on many layers and materials, Paxolin, FR4, Rogers and ISOLA. We have also provided designs on Flexi circuit and Flexi Hybrid. We have experience in vehicle based electronics both Overt and Covert vehicle applications. We are ever ready to gain experience in new business areas, what we don’t know we will learn, its how we move forward and keep the business dynamic. Go ahead give us a challenge! We also support training of younger members. Anyone in the electronics sector will testify to the shortage of decent engineers, Morgatronic seeks to bring new engineers into the industry and is hoping to hold apprenticeships in the near future.