The Epic Games Store platform is now almost “naked”: even a search on the store was introduced only three months after the launch. Gamers do not like this, because many convenient features are not available on the platform, and you have to buy the desired games now - exclusives, after all! Epic always said it was going to develop the store and the epic games achievement system gradually. But now the public will know better how things are going with the developers of the Epic Games Store and when it is worth waiting for certain features. The company launched a public development plan related to the internal tools of developers. April: • search by genre and tags, • offline improvements, • improvements in installation processes, • video hosting directly on the Epic Games Store website, • Improved DLC support. May: • cloud save • improved protection against the purchase of add-ons for games that the user does not have, • technology that reduces the size of patches.

barnloc.jpgThe Morgatronic Office is situated in the heart of the beautiful Forest of Dean. Mitcheldean has a rich heritage, as far back as 1837 the village was known as the principal town in the Forest of Dean dealing in the wool and leather trade. In the 1970’s Mitcheldean also became known for being the home of the largest manufacturing site in Europe, then owned by the Xerox corporation. Now this large site has been taken over as the Vantage point Business park and split up into a multiplicity of smaller companies ranging from Accountants to vets.